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Shashwat Tripathi

FAQs for watchlist are under development and updates frequently

  • What a watchlist actually is ..?

    watchlist is collection of enrollment numbers that you are keeping track of.

  • What IGNOU Programs are supported in watchlist ..?

    Technically, Every IGNOU Program that has a grade card is supported. We have not tested it with every program but we have designed it to work with every program.

  • Do I need to register and login to use this feature ..?

    You are required to login to use this feature. We actually do not accept direct signups in our website. We only support Google, Facebook or Microsoft Account (formerly known as Windows Live ID) to login into our website. Since Yahoo and Twitter do not support OAuth 2.0 protocol now. We will add support for these providers once they start supporting OAuth 2.0 specifications.

  • How do you detect changes in grade card ..?

    Our system will request grade card from IGNOU's server at time to time on your behalf. We will match your current copy with previous one if available and will detect changes.

  • You just said "previous copy". Does it mean you are storing a grade card ..?

    Yes. We will keep a copy of your marks every time our system detects any kind of change in your grade card. This just for reference, and will be used to detect what was changed upon time. Without having a previous copy, we would not be able to detect any updations made.

  • Okay! How often do you check if there is an update in a grade card ..?

    It depends. Normally 3-4 times in a day. This time gap may be high at times when chances of the changes in particular time are less for example in May, June or Nov, Dec. And in reverse, we will check your grade card more frequently then ever in result declaration seaons normally start from last week of Jan/July and lasts till Sep/March.

  • How many enrollments can I have in my watchlist ..?

    You can have upto 20 entries in your watchlist. Please note these limitation might get changed without any prior notification.

  • How can I add an entry in my watchlist ..?

    It is simple. Go to watchlist manager page (accessing this page requires login). Then fill Enrollment number and Program in Add New Subscription box and click on green Add button

  • Do I need to confirm subscription via email ..?

    Yup. Each subscription requires activation using email. You will get an email upon each each subscription. You will need to click on link provided in the email. We will also attach your current copy of the grade card and our contacts. Please import our contact file to your contacts to ensure greate deliverability.

  • How would u notify me about changes in a grade card ..?

    using email

  • How can I cancel my subscription for particular grade card ..?

    You can cancel your subscription any time from your watchlist manager page.

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